Singing Lessons and Vocal Coaching in Worcester. Beginner and Advanced Vocal Tuition given by experienced performers

Pop vocal, rock and classical singing lessons in worcester

Vocal Lessons for Beginners

Singing Lessons and Vocal Coaching

The tuition and coaching is taught from our Worcester studio near the city centre by very experienced and friendly teachers.

All vocal styles are taught be it pop or rock vocals, classical and choral work, musical theatre or even if you need to brush up on your public speaking skills.

Vocal and singing tuition is taught to complete beginners, and also to more established singers. The tuition is tailored to each individual, and the music lessons (depending on the style being taught) cover many if not all the necessary topics including...

  • Music Theory
  • Aural Awareness
  • Sight Singing and Notation
  • Technical Vocal Work and Exercises
  • Developmental Vocal Exercises
  • Vocal Improvisation and Experimentation
  • Building a Vocal Repertoire
  • and so much more...

Classical Singing and Choral Work

Classical singing lessons for children (age 10 yrs and over) and adults. The tuition would cover topics such as:
  • Posture
  • Breathing techniques
  • Warm up exercises
  • How to breakdown a piece of music, melody, diction, dynamics, anacrusis etc.
  • Performance skills
  • Singing in other languages, Italian, French, German etc.

Students if they choose, can work towards an examination, or an up and coming performance. The teachers are young, enthusiastic, friendly and have bags of energy!

Musical Theatre singing lessons

Singing tuition that covers ALL the basic needs to improve your vocals. Includes musical theatre. Children can be taught from the age of 8yrs and upwards. The lessons would cover topics such as…

  • Pitch
  • Breathing
  • Phrasing
  • Musical awareness
  • Interpretation
  • Confidence building and performance

Learn to sing songs from the West End and Broadway shows. Sing the tunes that you would like to sing and be guided by a professional vocal coach. Learn how to keep control of your voice when nervous, and during performances.

This course covers all the important singing techniques and aspects needed to make you a better singer! The vocal tuition is suitable for children and adults, so what are you waiting for!

Rock and Pop Vocal Tuition

Our vocal coaches / singing teachers, and performers have this to say…

"If you have the desire to become a much better Rock or Pop vocalist we have the course just for you".

By adopting a relaxed non–exam driven environment this specialist tuition provides rock and pop vocalists the opportunity to develop their vocal skills.

Gradually building up confidence, strength and stamina with tried and tested methods used by some of today’s top rock vocalists.

Using a system of techniques that open up the individual potential in all vocalists the tuition would benefit anyone wishing to develop core strength and flexibility in their vocal performance.

The singing teachers will tailor make your vocal sessions to your individual needs.
For more information about vocal lessons / tuition in Worcester UK please visit our sister site:
The Music Chamber Vocal Coaching Room

The vocal tuition room at The Music Chamber in Worcester

“Our aim is to make learning fun, informative and relevant to individual and specific needs. Building confidence and ability to create a stronger, more versatile singer and performer”