Piano Tuition in Worcester. Beginner Piano Lessons and Advanced Piano tuition given by experienced friendly teachers

Piano Lessons in worcester, beginner piano tuition.

Piano Teacher giving Piano Lessons in Worcester UK

Learn to read piano sheet music

Download  singing and vocal tutorials

We teach complete beginners, children and adults the piano. Get great piano tuition from an experienced teacher.

The lessons are taken in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We'll get you playing your first tune in no time at all!
Learn how to play with expression and with emotion. Take the challenge and put your creativity into the music.

Let us show you how to Interpret the music and play the piano in style. All this and so much more we can teach you.
Watch and download Piano tutorials and music
on your computer, iPad or mobile. COMING SOON!

An internet connection, or mobile 3g will be required.

Piano lessons - what can I look forward to?

The piano classes are taught at our Worcester premises near the city centre.

Have so much fun learning to play the piano. Play great tunes including the latest chart hits, well known classical themes and cute little swing numbers.

Learn to read music, and how to play from chord charts, we'll also give you simple challenges each week. You will also get a little music theory thrown in for good measure and just maybe a little music history (interesting snippets of information about composers etc).

Have fun playing some classic tunes etc.Whether you are a beginner and just about to start taking piano lessons or a more advanced player or perhaps someone who needs to brush up on their technique and piano playing skills, we look forward to teaching you.

What age group do we teach the piano?

We teach piano to all age groups, including children aged 8 years and upwards and to the more mature student.

Piano  Lessons for Beginners

Learn to read piano music

As part of your piano lessons you will be taught how to read music notes, and piano scores. To be able to read music is an important aspect to learn, it's not easy, but with practise you will be able to read standard printed sheet music.

Piano music examinations

We can also prepare students for practical and music theory exams, taking piano grades isn't compulsory, it is the students choice. Grade examinations can be taken following either the ABRSM or the more contemporary ICMA music examination syllabus.

If you want to have fun learning to play the piano, then get in touch. All our music teachers are experienced musicians, friendly and approachable... what are you waiting for!

Piano tuition gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available, beautiful designs and printed on quality paper, presented in a gift box. Give a gift of piano lessons and include your own personal message. Please call 01905 359449 for more details.

The Music School has other benefits to…

Our music students get there own private online folder. Within this folder they can download or view their lesson notes written by the teacher, they can listen to a recording of the their current music being taught to them, they can also download and print their lesson sheet music. Also included could be tips and tricks on piano playing, video tutorials and even podcasts!

How will playing the piano help my child?

There are many benefits children and adults will gain from playing the piano. Concentration will increase, emotional development through expressive playing, confidence building, eye and hand co-ordination will improve, aural perception and listening skills will be enhanced, and last but not least a sheer sense of achievement....

Phew.. Yes all or some of those aspects will be enhanced and improved upon!
For more information about piano lessons / tuition in Worcester UK please visit our sister site: https://www.musicchamber.co.uk

Questions most often asked about learning to play piano

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How long will it take to learn the piano?

This question is very often in the top 3 questions always asked when enquiries about learning to play the piano. It's an impossible question to answer, because we all acquire skills at different learning rates.

There are no quick fix or shortcuts when learning to play the piano. It can take many years of practise to become an accomplished pianist, and a lot of hard work, but don't let that put you off from taking piano lessons, because the journey will be fun, and enlightening!

How much time should I spend practising the piano?

When you are a beginner just starting out taking piano lessons I would suggest 10 to 20 minutes a day. As your piano playing skills increase and you take on harder tunes then more practise is required.

What is the cost of piano tuition?

The cost of piano lessons: £20 for 30 minutes, £27.50 for 45 minutes and £35 for 60 minutes of tuition. All tuition fees are paid one month in advance at the beginning of each month. Please see the terms and conditions.
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Do you teach beginners to play the piano?

Yes we teach complete beginners! The lessons are relaxed and friendly, so no pressure, honestly. So come along and have some fun! :)

Where are the piano lessons taught?

The music tuition is taught at our music school. We are located at Unit 3, Ronkswood Hill, in Worcester.

What happens if I cancel a lesson?

The Music Chamber is a school of music run by professional music teachers and recording engineers. We have overheads to cover and teacher wages to pay out. Unless the the teacher is in a position to offer an alternative time slot, the lesson will be forfeit and payment due in full. Please see our Terms and Conditions.
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Can music tuition be taken during holiday periods?

Music tuition can be booked during the holiday periods (Summer, Easter term especially) although on Bank holidays and the Christmas period the school is closed (unless the relevant teacher agrees to work). Most teachers will have a summer break, but not necessarily for the whole Summer period.

What styles of piano playing do you teach?

We teach classical, pop, rock and light jazz piano lessons. We can teach you to play your favourite theme music and ballads, as well as the latest chart releases. Learn to play some inspiring classical themes, and famous classical pieces.

Music grades - QCA and further education UCAS points

Taking music grades with the ABRSM will help you when entering into university or further education, UCAS points are awarded that will be recognised by the Universities and aid you when applying to take further education and studies.