Keyboard Lessons and Keyboard classes in Worcester. Beginner Keyboard Lessons and Tuition taught by experienced teacher

Keyboard lessons in worcester, beginner keyboard tuition.

Keyboard Lessons in Worcester UK for beginners
Learn to play the keyboard by taking lessons taught by an experienced and friendly teacher. The keyboard lessons will be fun and rewarding.

Learn how to use all those great sounds and rhythms, and play a wide choice of music styles.
In your keyboard lessons you will learn how to read music, you will also be taught how to play keyboard chords.

Students will also be taught how to read left hand bass clef and how to effectively combine this with the automatic accompaniment & sequencer.
Watch and download Keyboard tutorials and music
on your computer, iPad or mobile. COMING SOON!

An internet connection, or mobile 3g will be required.

Keyboard Lessons and Keyboard Tuition

The keyboard tuition is taught at our Worcester premises near the city centre.

Start taking electronic keyboard lessons and discover all the great sounds and rhythms available to you. The keyboard generally is easier to learn than the piano, it doesn't take up so much room, and you can practise wearing headphones... if needed!

As well as teaching you how to play the keyboard, we'll teach you how to choose suitable sounds / voices and rhythms. Learn to read music and how to play from chord charts.

Modern keyboards have such a diverse range of sounds and some very sophisticated inbuilt features that you will learn to use with great effect!

Learn to play your favourite tunes, the latest chart releases, classic movie themes and beautiful classical melodies.

We'll teach you how to develop song introductions and song endings, and how to adapt the basic chords to really enhance the tune you are learning to play.
Learn to play keyboard

Find about about all the keyboard functions

My keyboard is complicated!

Don't be put off by how complicated your keyboard looks! We will teach you (in simple language) what all those buttons and switches do.

When you first begin to play the keyboard, you only need to know what and how the basic keyboard functions work. As you progress with your keyboard lessons then more of the keyboard facilities will be explained and demonstrated.

Find about about all the keyboard functions

What else will I be taught?

When taking keyboard lessons the teacher will cover other areas of keyboard playing such as how to be creative and how to interpret standard sheet music, music symbols and we will teach you music theory.

You will also learn about setting the keyboard sounds and rhythms, and how to use the keyboard functions and features. Learn all about the various orchestral, pop and rock instrument sounds, and how best to use them.
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Keyboard tuition gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available, beautiful designs and printed on quality paper, presented in a gift box. Give a gift of keyboard lessons and include your own personal message. Please call 01905 359449 for more details.

Questions most often asked about learning to play the keyboard

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How is playing keyboard different to piano?

Playing keyboard is generally easier than playing piano. Most keyboards have automatic styles and accompaniments, so in effect this creates all the backing for you. When playing the piano the left hand has to create the accompaniment, this makes it a much harder instrument to play.

The piano tends to be a much more expressive instrument, the expression is delivered through touch. Some electronic keyboards have touch sensitive keys, but generally it is harder to control the dynamics than on the piano.

I am a complete beginner can you teach me?

Keyboard tuition is available for all levels of playing. If you are a complete beginner and cannot read music, don't worry, we'll have you playing tunes quicker than you think. If you already play the keyboard , and need keyboard lessons to improve your playing technique, just give us a call.

We can give expert tuition that will help you move forward with your playing, making you a better all-round keyboardist.

What is the cost of keyboard tuition?

The cost of keyboard lessons: £20 for 30 minutes, £27.50 for 45 minutes and £35 for 60 minutes of tuition. All tuition fees are paid one month in advance at the beginning of each month. Please see the terms and conditions.

If you are a beginner wanting to take keyboard tuition then we would recommend 30 minute lessons. If you already play the keyboard and are at an intermediate or advanced level then 60 minute lessons are your better choice. The music tuition is taught on a weekly basis, i.e. one lesson per week, we do not recommend fortnightly music lessons.
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Can I take keyboard examination grades?

Taking music exams are optional, yes we can enter students for music grades. We can prepare students for entry level pre-grade 1 all the way to taking a teaching or performance diploma in music.

Where are the keyboard lessons taught?

The music tuition is taught at our music school. We are located at Unit 3, Ronkswood Hill, in Worcester. There is on the road parking, and we are only 5 minutes walking distance from Shrub Hill train station.

What happens if I cancel a lesson?

The Music Chamber is a school of music run by professional music teachers and recording engineers. We have overheads to cover and teacher wages to pay out. Unless the the teacher is in a position to offer an alternative time slot, the lesson will be forfeit and payment due in full. Please see our Terms and Conditions.
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At what age can I begin keyboard lessons?

We teach young children from the age of 8 and upwards. We teach both children and adults, if you are a mature student don't worry! It's never too late to learn to play the keyboard, and being slightly older has it's advantages as well.

Will I be taught as part of a group lesson

No we teach the keyboard one on one i.e one student to one teacher. You will have our undivided attention for the whole lesson.

Is the keyboard teacher CRB police checked?

Yes, our keyboard teacher has been CRB checked, and is an experienced teacher.