Guitar Lessons and Tuition in Worcester. Beginner Lessons and Advanced Tuition given by experienced teachers

Guitar lessons in worcester - beginner and advanced guitar classes

If want to learn Rock, Pop, Blues or Jazz Guitar Styles, or you wish to improve your playing technique, and play all your favourite tunes, then we can help!
Learn to read guitar tab, chord charts etc
Learn all about reading Guitar TAB, chord charts and how to read standard notation. Want to learn some super slick guitar licks? We're only a phone call away!
Learn about playing guitar scales and guitar modes etc
Learn all about playing chords, scales & modes and how to get a great playing technique. Learn how to improvise, and how to be a good listener!
Take acoustic guitar lessons

Folk and classical acoustic guitar lessons

The tuition is taught from our Worcester premises near the city centre. Folk and classical guitar tuition is available to students aged 8 years and upwards. The teacher is friendly and experienced and the lessons are taught one on one.

If you are just starting out and wanting to learn the acoustic guitar or if you already play and you need to improve your playing technique, why not give us a call on 01905 359449.

The Worcester teaching studios are easy to get to and have great tuition facilities. If you are a beginner, the teacher will take you through various topics such as:

  • How to choose a suitable instrument.
  • Basic setting up, maintenance and tuning the instrument.
  • Strumming techniques, basic music theory, rhythm and pitch, reading chord symbols, reading music notation and tab reading, important playing techniques, simple picking and fingering styles etc.
  • Plus so much more!
Take electric guitar lessons

Electric guitar lessons

The tuition is tailored for both beginner lessons and also for more advanced guitarists who wish to improve their playing techniques. Electric guitar lessons are given to students aged 8 years and upwards. The tuition is taught one on one.

The tuition is fun and rewarding, learn all the important playing techniques so you too can become a Rock Legend! Learn to play metal, pop or all the in between styles. We are confident you’ll have a great time learning to play the guitar, learn some classic songs to impress your friends!

A first lesson would include warm ups, an easy piece of music, and some simple riffs to get you started. We really want you to enjoy your guitar lessons at The Music Chamber School of Music, so if you have tunes that you would love to play, then let us know!

Bass guitar lessons (double bass and electric)

The Bass player is such an important member of the band. When the bass is locked in with the drums and grooving there is no sound like it! We give tuition in both double bass and electric bass playing.

We can provide tuition that will get you playing the bass guitar quickly. Learn important playing techniques, become an 'intelligent' bass player, you'll be the bed rock of any pop, rock or jazz band.

The bass lessons are tailored to each student, making sure the student can achieve goals at a comfortable pace. Have fun learning to play the bass guitar, we'll certainly have fun teaching you!

Music examinations for guitar

Students can take guitar exams if they wish, the teacher will guide the student and help them choose the most suitable exam syllabus from the relevant music examination board. If you want to learn to play the guitar, either for pleasure or to take exams then please get in touch. The guitar teachers are experienced, enthusiastic and friendly.

Recording Studio

Students attending lessons are also eligible for DISCOUNTED recording studio time. The student recording sessions are managed through the guitar teacher, when the teacher feels the student is of a suitable standard, then the recording session times are allocated.

Students can choose not to participate in recording sessions, it's their choice.

What is the cost of guitar lessons?

The cost of lessons: £20 for 30 minutes of tuition, £27.50 for 45 minutes or £35 for 60 minutes. All tuition fees are paid one month in advance. Please see the terms and conditions.

Where is the teaching studio?

The music tuition is taught at our music school. We are located at Unit 3, Ronkswood Hill in Worcester.

Please get in touch - we want to hear from You

For more information why not give us a call or use the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.
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