Drum tuition by friendly experienced drum teacher at our Worcester premises. Drum classes for children and adults, beginner drum lessons.

Drum Lessons in worcester - beginner and advanced drum tuition

I want to learn Rock, Pop, Blues or Jazz Drum Styles?

You will be taught all these playing styles when taking drum lessons.
I want to become a better drummer.

The drum teacher will show you important playing techniques and rudiments to help you become a better drummer.
Want to learn how to play your favourite songs?

That's great, we'll enjoy teaching you them!
I'm a beginner looking for drum tuition. I don't have a clue!

We've all got to start somewhere! No worries. We teach beginners with no previous playing experience.

Learn drum rudiments and improve your drumming technique

Download  drum tutorials

Learn to read drum score_and drum music

Learn important drum techniques and drum rudiments, such as single stroke four, paradiddle, flam accent etc

Want to play some groovy drum patterns? We're only a phone call away!
Watch and download drum video tutorials and music
on your computer, iPad or mobile. COMING SOON!

An internet connection, or mobile 3g will be required.
Learn to read drum score and drum notation, basic pattern reading etc.

Learn how to improvise, and how to be a good listener!

About the drum lessons

The drum tuition is taught at our Worcester premises near the city centre.

Learn how to play some super cool drum beats, hypnotic rhythms and so much more! Our drum guys will take you through reading drum dots, sight reading drum patterns, you'll have an amazing lesson. If you just want to learn to play drums without all the extras that's no problem, either way come along, you'll have a great time!

Our drum teachers are professional, and full time, with lots of real world experience of performance and teaching. They have a wealth of experience to pass on... so come along and beat those skins, get rid of all that pent up stress! We look forward to teaching you.

Drum tuition for beginners

The drum tuition is fun, learn to read drum notation, drum exams are also available, or just play the drums for pleasure. The drum teacher(s) are friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging, we are confident you will enjoy your lessons at The Music Chamber.

Drum tuition for beginners and advanced players, play for pleasure or take music grades, it's your choice. All ages are taught.


Take electronic drum lessons

First steps in taking drum lessons

Where are the drum lessons taught?

The music tuition is taught at our music school. We are located at Unit 3, Ronkswood Hill in Worcester.

Drum tuition gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available, beautiful designs and printed on quality paper, presented in a gift box. Give a gift of drum lessons and include your own personal message. Please call 01905 359449 for more details.

How much are drum lessons?

The cost of drum lessons: £15 for 30 minutes, £22.50 for 45 minutes or £30 for 60 minutes of tuition. All tuition fees are paid one month in advance.

Please see the terms and conditions.

Is it Your dream to be able to play drums?

The thud from the sound of the bass drum, the crack as the stick hits the snare, the sizzle on the crash symbol, the pulsating rhythm of the hihat. If you're thinking about learning to play the drums, wow! What a great choice of instrument to study.

Play hypnotic rhythms, grooving funk patterns, or just pound out a beat that will shake the walls down. Of all the instruments, playing the drums has got to be one of the most challenging and yet exciting instruments to learn to master.

Finding the right drum teacher

Yes, I'm sure you would love to do all those things mentioned above, and why not? We all have dreams, and if your dream is to play the drums, then you will need a little help.

We can help you fulfil those dreams. Finding a drum teacher, who is capable, enthusiastic, patient and encouraging, and is not doing the drum tuition for a few quid in his back pocket, should be your first priority.

Your first steps to learning the drums

You have already taken your first big step of wanting to play the drums by coming to this website and reading this page. Let us help you take the 2nd step...

We can give you first rate drum lessons from a pro (full-time) drum teacher. The drum tuition, drum lessons are structured on an individual student basis. The drum teacher is experienced, friendly and he knows all the pitfalls and problems faced by a student just starting out.

Yes it will take time, yes it will take determination and practice. If playing the drums is Your dream then fulfil it TODAY, just give us a call, we can help you.

Simon Phillips - world class session drummer on tour with TOTO. Now that's inspiration for you!